Grand Tetons and Yellowstone October 2017

Colors and Wildlife of Grand Tetons and Yellowstone

Late September and early October is one of the best times to visit Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks…at least this is what I have been told.  I have never been in the Grand Tetons but have visited Yellowstone on two occasions - in the early 2000’s in the late Fall and recently with Jared Lloyd Photography tour in January.  One can definitely fall in love with the area and therefore I have decided to come back to Yellowstone but also visit Grand Tetons between the 26 Sep and 4 Oct 2017.  We will fly from Houston to Salt Lake City and then take a 4-5 hrs drive to Jackson Hole where we will stay for the first 4 nights.  After that, we will relocate to the Cabins by the Old Faithful for the remaining 3 nights.  This will be a a first time for my wife to see this part of the US, and we planning a lot of hiking admiring the Fall colors but of course I will also focus on photography.  My aim will be to investigate best places to photograph moose and elk during their yearly root, look for another owl to my ‘collection’ - the Great Grey Owl, and be mindful of the black bears during their 24 hrs ‘feeding frenzy’.  And as usual, the best memories come from unexpected encounters - possibly wolves?! Besides my long lenses I will of course take the opportunity for a great landscape photography, and hope for the unique light or weather conditions to immortalize the Tetons and epic landscape of the Yellowstone.  With the launch of my new webpage, I will be updating my Blog from the trip on the regular basis and please stay tuned for the full report from this short family adventure.