My third time Yellowstone and the best

After 4 days of great time in the Grand Tetons we took on an epic...60 miles journey to the Snow Lodge at Old Faithful in the Yellowstone National Park.  Yes, both, the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone are with the Greater Yellowstone Area and border each other.  Thus, whenever one plans to visit one of the parks, should seriously consider combining them into 7-8 days visit.  We have booked cabins at the Snow Lodge rather than staying in the main hotel simply to be isolated from large crowds of tourists descending on the Old Faithful.  I have already mentioned a great encounter with the grizzly bear on the way to Yellowstone, and the focus of my morning and evening wildlife photo excursions was Elk in Madison valley and possibly (very long shot!) wolves or great grey owl.  Of course any possibility of getting the 'unusual' photo of the bison would not be missed, but with those animals is like with elephants - one needs not only a subject but a very big luck for unusual weather conditions or some situation of of this world.

Geysers are actually quite amazing and their variety in the Park is astonishing

Early October 2017

‚ÄčOur mid days were dedicated to exploration in every detail of the Lower and Upper Geyser Basins, plus the visit to the Norris Geyser Basin - please do not think for a second that when you seen the Old Faithful you have seen it all, in fact on contrary, please see more.  We were slightly unlucky that the road between Norris and Mammoth was closed due to repairs, which limited connection to the Northern range via Dunraven pass, which was already receiving some snow.  In fact one long drive to the Cooke City and the Lamar Valley, while esthetically pleasing turned out to be quite tiring.  Thus we decided to avoid additional journeys to Hayden or Mammoth and remained exploring areas between Norris and Madison.  Weather still cooperated with a lot of nice sun spells, with occasional small Gail and snow.  Elks really cooperated, and I even captured hunting coyote on 'tape'.  AND, we did witness a 15 miles traffic along the Madison and beyond due to bisons deciding to walk down the Madison valley right in the middle of the road!  Yellowstone is one of these places that it grows on you and while you think 3 visits are a lot, it actually is just a beginning of my fascination with the place.

The Old Faithful in its medium eruption 

An intimate portrait of a bison

Coyote jumping up in the ambush

First time Grand Tetons and...I love it!

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