First time Grand Tetons and...I love it!

To start I would like to apologize to all the readers for delayed posting, but I guess I have overestimated connectivity in the Greater Yellowstone area. I will also update the Adventure with some more details of our trip, and will share some key points here on the blog. From the first afternoon, after arriving to Jackson, Wyoming from Salt Lake City, Utah, by car, it was apparent that the peak of the autumn colors is ahead of least 2-3 weeks. It was a small disappointment, but again, its NATURE! After checking into Wyoming Inn in Jackson we have head out to look for wildlife. That afternoon we had a chance to observe nice bull Elk with several females and juveniles, and by the end of the day, couple bull moose along the Gros Ventre campground. That evening, I have also bumped into great young photographer and naturalist who I met in 2016, Jared Lloyd who was in the area with the group of photographers.

The next 4 days in GT were magical, with great weather and very good sightings!

Late September 2017
​I have split my days between early mornings spent on some landscape photos and wildlife, and shared great hikes together with my wife. We have walked around Jenny Lake, Taggart Lake and Phelps Lake - the latter was an amazing hike, where we have witnessed moose family bathing in the lake! Its true that in order to cover the area properly between Jackson and northern parts of the park, one has to put some miles on the car. Therefore I decided to focus primarily on the souther part. As for sightings, great moose, one amazing frosty morning with large herd of bison, couple great mule deer and pronghorns and landscapes at Oxbow Point and Schwabacher Landing. And finally, nice male grizzly on our way from Jackson to Yellowstone. I am already aching to go back, but it will have to wait I guess. come back for the next blog about our days in Yelowstone.

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Tetons from Schwabacher Landing

Male moose

Male grizzly

My third time Yellowstone and the best
One night in Florence during conference trip

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