Amboseli - the Kingdom of Elephants

I am back from my stay in Kenya and Amboseli National Park, known for its large herds of elephants.  In fact the area has some up to 3000 of these magnificent animals.  We have spent 3 days in Amboseli, admiring various sizes of elephant families migrating in the morning from wooded areas into the marches and retiring in the evening back to wooded areas for the night.  This was a first time for me to spend several days spent almost exclusively on these large animals.  We have stayed in the Oltukai Lodge in the heart of the marshes and see some 400 elephants, divided in various sizes families.  The weather was unusually wet, and as the result the environment was green and around the park.  The iconic photos of elephants dusting extensively were unfortunately impossible however, we have spent a lot of time watching interactions between various generations of elephants.

The park in the 'shadow' of Kilimanjaro

Amboseli, January 2018

​The weather was nice, but the ever-present haze limited our ability to have a good view on Kilimajaro.  We only seen the mountain couple of days, but in the very diffused light and surrounded by haze. I was also lucky to see the largest elephant bull in the world called Tim, with his impressive tusks.  Over 40 years old, he is collared to ensure the monitoring and prevent poaching of his large tusks.  In general, we have seen several impressive bulls in addition to large families led by wise matriarchs.  

There is something magnificent about the elephant sounds when they communicate and interact between each other.  I have definitely learn a lot about these intelligent creatures and have serious intuition to 'adopt the elephant' to support the effort of protecting and growing population of these animals.

Soon, I will share many photos via Journey report and in Galleries.  Please also visit my FB page for regular updates of photos from my recent trip

Elephants in Amboseli NP - generations

Elephants in Amboseli NP - feeding in marshes

Elephants in Amboseli NP - two youngsters

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