My third time Yellowstone and the best

After 4 days of great time in the Grand Tetons we took on an epic...60 miles journey to the Snow Lodge at Old Faithful in the Yellowstone National Park.  Yes, both, the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone are with the Greater Yellowstone Area and border each other.  Thus, whenever one plans to visit one of the parks, should seriously consider co...
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First time Grand Tetons and...I love it!

To start I would like to apologize to all the readers for delayed posting, but I guess I have overestimated connectivity in the Greater Yellowstone area. I will also update the Adventure with some more details of our trip, and will share some key points here on the blog. From the first afternoon, after arriving to Jackson, Wyoming from Salt Lake Ci...
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One night in Florence during conference trip

Few evening shots from the heart of Tuscany Florence, Italy, 16-22 September 2017 During my recent stay in Florence for the 28th International Meeting on Organic Geochemistry I did manage only one evening to stroll along the city with my camera.  I knew it will be tough for me to find extensive hours dedicated to photography between ...
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My New Website is Up!

After several months of searching for the right developer, and couple months of cooperative work, discussions, creative chats, folks from the FDI Creative in Houston and myself finalised the new, fresh look of my web-page. With the help and advise of my Girls, plus feedback from my close friends - here it is - a new look allowing me to di...
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