Few words on birds in Pantanal

The last trip of 2016 - the biggest wetland in the world, brazilian Pantanal.  Both, my wife and I left Houston on 31st October for the 10 day adventure.  We have taken part of the trip organized by Jim Zuckerman and joined another 5 photographers on this adventure.  First 3 days we have stayed in the SouthWild Lodge some 40 km south of Pocone along the Tranpantaneira road.  It is here, that we have focused on the phototgraphy of various birds species while cruisng the local river but also walking around the lodge.  The bird life is very abundant and while we have seen many species, sometimes photo opportunities weren't that good - the owners of the Lodge could quite easily improve the perches around the lodge creating nice photo-shooting enviroment.  Regardless, we have seen all 5 species of kingfishers, hunting black-collared hawks and fantastic hyacinth macaws. The lodge itself is basic, yet providing all necessary needs to stay in a comfortable conditions.  Local capibaras feeding on the 'lawns' around the lodge add some interesting aspect of the local wildlife.  The lodge also features observation tower from whihc one can photograph nesting jabiru storks and monk parakeets.  We did see jaguar prints but not the actual animals itself.  After 3 days, we have bound a truck for the 6 hours journey on Transpantaneira to Porto Jofre followed by 30 minutes fast boat ride to our next location.  The story of Jaguars and flotel in the next Blog.