My view on new Nikon D500 and D5

Ok, so I go immediately on the record saying - the new Nikon D5 ISO and AF perfromance is insane! I meant, insanely good.  Before I will post my experience from the Pantanal trip, please let me share few key points after testing both, the DX flagship of Nikon - D500 and the new flagship FX camera, the D5.  I think that almost everything has been said about how good both 'machines' are, but I always find it useful to have a first hand view and actual people using the equipment in the field.  I will only focus on a key differentiator points rather than go over each feature.  For me, nature photographer, ISO and AF are the top important aspects, and I can tell you - in both cases performance is close to ideal.  I can honestly say, that one can shoot reliably up to ISO3200 on D500, although grain is a bit too high for me personally, thus I will definitely swear by ISO2000-2500 on this DX camera.  D5 - well, up to ISO6400 its just a breeze, but I honestly can say one can shoot up to 12,800 with very good results - yes, of course, some postrpocessing is required, but nothing major - I dont go beyond what Lightroom 6 can offer.  The attached photo of Southern crested caracara is shot at ISO12,800 - you decide.  The AF - unbelivable, in both cases super fast and reliable - in the AF mode nailing pictures of flying kingfisher or hawk was no issue.  The fps performance is also great, especially on the D500, as everyone expected the D5 to be a super fast.  Both cameras are built to last, handle great and I can honestly recommend them for any serious photographer.  Just a few notes on the new 300/4 PF and 70-200/4VR lenses that I got while 'unloading' my 2.8 lenses - no regrets whatsoever! Both lenses are much lighter, perform superbly on both D500 and D5, super sharp in the full F range.