One flew over the cuckoos nest

I am not sure how to even start...relatively dissapointing end of April I have spent in my house in Poland, made me desperate to attempt to come back and try to imporve my luck with birds.

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Cold and late spring - pygmy owl and greenshank

April 2013 supposed to be 'the one', where I take 3 weeks off my work, and spend them in lakes and forests close to my home in Poland, Jerzmanki.

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Cheetah-MM-Fig tree-2013-14.jpg

Kenya, here we come!

The safari to Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya with my friend Marcus Conway has been for me one of the most anticipated events of 2013.

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Long-tailed duck-Hel-Poland-2013.jpg

Winter break...with spring rains

My planned 10 days in Poland during 2012 X-mas and and New Years break was probably one of the most anticipated photo opportunties in the long time.

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Pygmy Owl-Platerowka-Poland-2013.jpg

Great weather and the pygmy owl

Work was becoming unbearable and it was time to take a break - Poland weather forecast looked promising, so I decided to spend 4 days at my home and check out the birding scene.

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