The Plains of Serengeti

The 2015 began with another warm temeratures in Europe, but for me it was a start of the final countdown until the end of the month when I have boarded flight to Amsterdam and then to Kilimanjaro in Tanzania for my photographic safari with Federico Veronezi.

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Great-spotted woodpecker-Jerzmanki-Poland 2014-2.jpg

Another warm winter

The second part of 2014 I have spent mostly traveling for business and didn't have opportunities to take any photos.

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Short eared owl North Uist UK 2014 22

Birdwatchers Islands

Mid June and my buddy Marcus Conway (eBirder) and I were on our way to the Outer Hebrides, the mecca for birdwatchers and everyone else who wants to escape everyday busy life.

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Leopard Little Kwara Camp Botswana 2014 5

The land of unspoiled nature

May 2014 - the most anticipated by me trip of the year to Botswana.

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Cuckoo Wigancice Poland 2014 2

Early spring and...where did all the Pygmies go?

2014 spring trip to Poland was one of most antocipated by me for couple of reasons, birth of my second nephew and of course 2 weeks of 'sure bet' birds.

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