Alligator-Brazos Bend SP-USA2016.jpg

Early spring in Brazos Bend State Park

After moving to Houston, Texas, I am exploring local birding and nature spots, to learn the local rules for the nature photgraphy but alos see where, when and how.

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Red fox-Tower Junction-Yellowstone-Feb 2016.jpg

I think I am jinxed...spring temperatures in Yellowstone

Highly anticipated by me trip to Yellowstone in Feb 2016.

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Snowy owl-Irricana-Canada-Jan 2016-14.jpg

'Chasing owls' around Calgary

January 2016, I have managed to combine my business trip to Calgary with a weekend focused on photography.

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Sparrowhawk-Jerzmanki-Poland-Jan 2016.jpg

Sparrowhawk Christmas 2015

First of all, Happy 2016 to all my readers.

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Little owl-Lesvos-Greece-2015-13.jpg

Birders Island...without Birds!

After very dissapointing Easter break in Poland (I was unlucky sitting at home and watching more than 30 m/s winds sweeping entire Europe and rain soaking the nation for the entire week!) all my hopes were directed to the early May in Lesvos (Lesbos) - large Greek island close to Turkey.

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