Jaguar-Pantanal-Brazil-Nov 2016.jpg

Jaguars, otters and more...

The second part of our trip to the largest wetland in the world, Pantanal, took us to the SouthWild Jaguar lodge some 30 minutes fast boat ride from Porto Jofre on the Piquiri river.

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Hyacinth macaw-Pantanal-Brazil-Nov 2016-1.jpg

Few words on birds in Pantanal

The last trip of 2016 - the biggest wetland in the world, brazilian Pantanal.

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My view on new Nikon D500 and D5

Ok, so I go immediately on the record saying - the new Nikon D5 ISO and AF perfromance is insane! I meant, insanely good.

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Johnston Strait-Vancouver Island-August 2016-2.jpg

First time Vancouver Island and...Fantastic!

After week of advanture with bears of the Taku River in the Northern British Columbia, I have met with my wife and our best friends from Poland in Vancouver.

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Grizzly-Taku-Canada-August 2016-32.jpg

Bears of Taku River

Taku River in the Northern British Columbia was my August 2016 target and the first encounter with wild brown bears (grizzlies).

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